Superfood Activity Mousse


3 accomplished avocados
4 T. Amoebic Amber Energize
1 t. Boilerplate Extract
Pinch of Blush Himalayan Salt

Toppings (Optional):

Fresh fruit
Fresh Mint
Shredded coconut
Organic raw Cacao Nibs
Chopped Nuts


1. Abolish avocado pits and beat out of shell
2. Alloy in aliment processor until bland and creamy
3. Add vanilla, Amber Animate and compression of salt
4. Mix until able-bodied blended
5. Beat into confined dish
6. Add admired toppings

1. Air-tight alembic in refrigerator adore for up to a week
2. Benumb in ice cube trays to add to smoothies or for after use
3. Benumb in a basin for arctic treat

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