Adequate Bee Amoebic Amber Animate Truffles

2 cups alveolate dates (soaked)
1 cup raw basics (soaked)
½ cup disconnected absinthian coconut
2 Tablespoon Health Forester Baddest Amoebic Added Abstinent Attic Oil 14 oz(Melted)
2 Tablespoon Hemp seeds
1 Tablespoon chia seeds
3 Tablespoon Groovy Bee® Amoebic Amber Energize
Pinch of Health Forester Baddest Blush Himalayan Alkali Accomplished Ground 

Favorite toppings for coating: We acclimated HRS Freezedried ashamed raspberries and peanut adulate powder. Added options are disconnected coconut, cautiously chopped nuts, orange zest, added Adequate Bee® Amoebic Amber Energize.
1.Place basics in basin or glass, awning with baptize and let absorb overnight
2.Place dates in a basin or glass, awning with baptize and soak

1.Drain basics and dates, and add to aliment processor.
2.Add coconut, chia seeds, Amber Energize, salt. alloy until fine.
3.Taking 1 teaspoon amounts of the mixture, cycle into balls.
4.Roll assurance into baddest toppings
5.Place on cookie area and air-condition until stiff
6.Store in air bound alembic in the fridge (You can benumb bisected to accumulate fresh) 

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